Gemini VSTi 2.0: in detail E-mail

Find out below what drives Gemini to bring you those unique and powerful sounds.

Advanced Unison Algorithm

An advanced Unison detuning algorithm makes Gemini sound very thick and full. This algorithm makes many slightly modified copies of the oscillator waveform in stereo space. The detune knob controls how much these waveforms change in pitch. The spread knob brings  extra random variation into this.

Unison Preset Demo:




gemini-vsti-waveform Unique Waveforms 

Extensive research has gone in finding the best waveforms in modern high-end hardware synthesizers. (like the famous Access Virus Ti) We sampled a wavetable of 130 wavefoms which covers the complete sound spectrum. From analog to spectral, vocal, noise and even real instruments.  Tip of the day: right-click  the waveform display to quickly browse.

Unique Presets:


Warm, analog modeled Filters

Gemini's filters are modeled on electronic components to create warm filters as heard in hardware synthesizers.  Each filter normally processes and drives the sound of its own oscillator bank. In serial mode this changes: both oscillator banks will be forced through both filters and drive units.  Making Gemini scream!

Filter Preset Demo:



Innovative Step Sequencers

What makes Gemini's sequencers unique is the fact that they can also modulate each other. Select multiply or add to create wild sequences and sound textures. 
The glide knob controls another cool thing:  it lets the pitches morph into eachother.  Try it yourself!

Sequencer Preset Demo:


Radical distortion and resonance

Besides the two drive units on the filters, Gemini also has a pre-amplifier. The little pre knob is a wolve in sheepesclothes: turn it clockwise to pre-amplify the oscillators and send this high volume through the entire audio path of  Gemini, causing unheard mayhem and certain destruction.

Distortion preset Demo:


gemini-vsti-preset-manager Advanced preset manager

Gemini's preset manager goes beyond the standard preset manager built into host sofware. The 880 presets are sorted by type/genre and unlimited folders can be created by the user. Click on the preset name to open the folder list and load presets. Quick browse the presets by pressing the triange buttons or your keyboard cursor left/right arrows


Preset Generator,  Panels and Limiter

Click the generate button to automatically create new sounds which are a good starting point for preset design.  Use save in to save your finalized preset in the user presets folder. Click the panel button to switch between different skins.  The limiter led will light when the limiter is automatically activated at high output volumes. The release time of the limter is BPM synchronized.