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Media coverage

Gemini 1.0 has been reviewed by various well known magazines, concluding things like:

  • "If you are looking for rough, fat sounds with complex modulations, we can can fully recommend Gemini"
  • "The words 'Fat Sound' are used often, but are certainly valid for Gemini"

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User feedback

  • "Cheesebeats"  (Contributed to Billboard top 100 tracks)  "After Installing Gemini I wasted no time getting into it. Within minutes I was banging out crazy sounds tweaking them and shaping them to my specifications which is very easy cause everything you need is right in front of you. One of the best softsynths on the market for the price!" Trust me you can't go wrong with Gemini!" (Cheesebeats aka "Tha Kracken" )
  • "Absolut genial sounding synth. The filters are really for programming it."
  • "Basslines sound pretty analogue - hard stuf"
  • "What convinced me to buy? The sound! (& well designed layout.)I think it sounds particularly 'big' & warm. I think it is unique. It is easy to make stereo soundscapes with it. The filters work well. The distortion is pleasing whether used subtly or unsubtly.The Xmod/seq sections make quick & musical results"
  • "I downloaded a Demo of it and played with it for about an hour (that's how much time I had). True, the hissing noise sound annoyed me a bit, but at the end, I knew I would want one"
  • "Well, i have purchased gemini because i like the sound and the presets of the synth with focus on Techno Psy/Goa, the easy to use interface, the not to expensive price of gemini, and the good sound change possibilities"
  • "I really don't know how i did without this synth b4!! I will definitely be reccomending this to all of my friends"