Gemini VSTi Specifications E-mail


  • High quality oscillators with massive detuning algorithm. (supersaw unison)
  • NEW in V2.0: 130 waveforms sampled from high-end hardware dance synthesizers.
  • Dual Analogue modeled filters with radical resonance and overdrive/distortion behavior.
  • NEW in V2.0: pre-amplifier drive for even more extreme sound.
  • Dual step sequencers for stunning rhythms, melodies and soundscapes.
  • High quality stereo reverb and stereo sync delay.
  • Stereo Field pan mix knob which mixes the two oscillator banks in stereo space.
  • NEW in V2.0: folder based preset manager with 880 presets sorted by genre/type. 
  • NEW in V2.0: easy-to-use midi-learn function.
  • NEW in V2.0: CPU usage reduced up to 50%
  • NEW in V2.0: Preset Generator
  • NEW in V2.0: Skin-able
  • NEW in V2.0: extra skins & presets downloadable from the member section.


  • Dual Oscillator bank with waveforms: Saw, Pulse, Sine, Triangle, White Noise.
  • NEW in V2.0: 130 waveforms: analogue, spectral, formant (vocal), noise and physical instruments.
  • Oscillators detune and spread controls for custom fat detuning/unison behavior.
  • Pitch modulation by syncable LFO and Dual step sequencers.
  • Dual Filters supporting parallel/serial mode + convenient cutoff knob link function.
  • Filter modulation by: sync LFO, ADSR Envelope, Step sequencer.
  • NEW in V2.0: filter cutoff modulated by key pressure.
  • Filter modes: Low Pass/ High Pass/Band Pass/Band Reject/ Peaking.
  • Dual overdrive unit which can act in parallel and series!
  • Dual step sequencers support glide, gating, and 8 sync modes.
  • Step sequencers can interact with each other via 2 algorithms. (add/multiply)
  • Step sequencer perfect host sync. (will keep in sync with played beats, even when playing live)
  • Stereo sync Delay and all LFO’s have 8 sync modes and free running mode.
  • Very short delay effect timing possible to create acoustic metallic effects.
  • Portamento sliding + glide supported.
  • 32 Notes Polyphonic.
  • Synthesizer sections can be enabled/disabled for optimal CPU efficiency.
  • NEW in V2.0: CPU usage reduced up to 50% (by extensive code optimization)
  • NEW in V2.0: fully updated and compatible with Windows 8
  • NEW in V2.0: much improved stability

With your purchase you also get:

  • 880 High quality presets. 
  • 2.x Updates and support.
  • Skins, Bonus presets and other goodies from the member section.
  • You support our company to start exciting new projects!

System Requirements :

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 /Windows 8
All 32bit VST host supported + 64bit host supported via Jbridge
VSTi compatible host software
Multi-Core Utilizing hosts supported. (also tested on newest Core i3/i5/i7/AMD FX)

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