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Company description

Audioxygen is a young and ambitious new company based in the Netherlands.
It was founded by producer/sound-designer Jasper, who is known for his contribution to
many VSTi Soundbanks.

Our goal is to offer high quality VST instruments and effects which have a truly unique
sound character and offer innovative features.
The fat 'analogue' and raw sound with chaotic behavior like hardware units had.
And all this on a price level which saves money for the important other things in life.


Audioxygen realizes that a musical instrument, hardware or software is always a sum of its components.
Therefore we spend a lot of time to make all components deliver the best possible quality.
A good example is the unique oscillator detuning algorithm designed for Gemini VSTi

And evenly important: all parts should also work together with optimal quality, character and liveliness.
Not only adding to each other, but also really influencing each other. Like a hit on a piano key which will also excite the other strings.
Gemini demonstrates this with its algorithms for cross modulation of its step sequencers.

Also we believe that the key of a creative progress during sound design is easy-control.
Therefore every knob should be designed to modulate the sound in the maximum way possible.
Our instruments are tested in many different musical genres and compositions, to make sure they can fit in the mix.