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Q: How can I order Gemini if I don't use Paypal?
A: You do not have to be a registered member of Paypal. All common credit cards are accepted by the secure checkout process which is handled by Paypal.

Q: How can I get Gemini after payment at Paypal?
A: Directly after payment, you will receive an email with download details.  Click the link in this email and you arrive in our download area.

Q: I didn't receive the email with download details.
A: Check your junk/spam email folder. Sometimes email hosts might wrongly identify our email as spam.

Q: How much does Gemini cost in my currency?
A: Select your currency on the right side of the shop and click the button "change currency"  to see updated price.

Q: How can I upgrade from Gemini 1.0 to Gemini 2.0?
A: Follow these instructions. 


Gemini program

Q: What are the Gemini demo limitations?
A:  Less presets (144 instead of 880)  
Will be usable in your host (music software) for 30 minutes at a time and emits a soft demo noise at set intervals.

Q: Will Gemini run on my Mac?
A: No, for now only Windows is supported.

Q: Will Gemini run inside 64bit host software?
A: Yes, using Jbridje or any built-in bridge plugin.

Q: Is there a stand-alone version of Gemini?
A: No. If you would like to use it as a stand-alone synthesizer you can use one of the free VST hosts that can be found on the internet, like minihost



Q: I've successfully downloaded the Gemini Demo. How can I use it?
A: Gemini is a VSTi plug-in. To use it, a VST compatible audio host application must be installed on your computer. The Gemini Userguide contains step by step instructions to installation.  Examples of VST compatible hosts are: Synapse Audio Orion Platinum, Ableton Live and Cubase.

Q: How do I program my own patches?
A: Check the Gemini Userguide. It contains many hands-on tips for creating your own patches.

Q: Why is there a delay between the moment I press a note on my keyboard and the moment I hear the note through my speakers?
A: This delay is due to the latency of your soundcard. To get a smaller delay, you should use a soundcard with ASIO drivers. Or install a universal soundcard driver like ASIO4all. Select ASIO4all as audio playback device in your VST host application. This also fixes issues with crackling/popping sounds etc.

Q: I hear cracking sounds when playing Gemini or changing presets.
A: Install a universal soundcard driver like ASIO4all. Select ASIO4all as audio playback device in your VST host application. If still cracking, increase the buffer size to 512 or 1024 samples in the ASIO4all settings.


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